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Challenges to "Over to Air (OTA)" updates for automotive vehicle

  1 - The advantages and disadvantages of using OTA and why they adopted this function. OTA started with the first personal computers in late 90's with windows / macos , then moved to smartphones and then to the automotive world where Tesla was the first company followed by Mack trucks , GM , BMW etc. Now more and more companies are working on it and in future more devices will follow OTA updates. Regarding the automotive world, OTA brings the following advantages and disadvantages. Advantage : A : Efficiency - OTA updates are  more efficient way to fix bugs and update software than to manually update each individual device. OEM can seamlessly update the firmware to the whole fleet without physically checking. OTA updates also enable OEMs to more easily update software on devices that are difficult to access, such as ECU or dashboards or infotainment systems etc. B : Development timing reduction - OTA updates can catch issues before devices launch, which can save OEMs time and mon