Thursday, 18 August 2016

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Originally developed as a medical pack for a US Special Operations unit, this pack can easily be adapted for use as a range bag, E&E pack, or 1 day pack. Features include hydration compartment, padded shoulder straps, 5 external pockets and compression straps. exterior dimensions: 18.5 x 9 x 8 Non-Standard Non-Stocking items have been designed by FirstSpear at the request of Professional Users to meet a unique mission set.

Nice boots! want tho sweats too !
Bottoms :: 3col) Designer Homme Seaming Slim Biker-Sweatpants 87 - Mens Fashion Clothing For An Attractive Guy 
Adidas Y-3 Qasa High
Darkfin Gloves hands down (pun intented) the most unique coolest gloves on the planet! Surfing, Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling, Riverboarding, Kayaking, Bodyboarding and more! Anything you do in the water, do it better with Darkfin Gloves! Made in USA!
CMF we like / Nike / Green
Superman Jacket
Outback Shoes Leaves You Barefooted
Furoshiki is the only sole on the market that wraps around the entire foot. Because the upper is constructed with stretch fabric, it will anatomically fit nicely on any foot type and the hook and loop closure system allows for a quick, easy fit. Powered by a revolutionary Vibram soling technology, Furoshiki provides comfort in any environment! It also packs nicely for traveling and each pair comes equipped with its very own traveling case. The ultimate travel footwear companion, offering protection, grip and comfort.
The compact Radler Trail Camp shoe by Timberland is a lightweight, collapsible shoe, perfect as an extra pair of shoes when out on the trails or camping. Uppers made of ripstop fabric, fleece-lined for comfort and made of 42% recycled rubber.


  1. Where can we purchase a pair of these please contact me

  2. I woud like a pair of thes or Two they look dop and i think the comvert woud by quit nice

  3. Someone can tell where can we buy it???? Thanks

  4. Can't buy them any longer they must of had a flaw

  5. Radler Trail Camp shoes are very comfortable shoes while wearing shoes for any occasion are my beautiful, excellent warm! and the price was the best.
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  6. Do they even make these still. Where are they.


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