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Different way of Living

The Rotterdam Watershed pavilion designed by DoepelStrijkers for the World Cities Pop-Up Expo shows how Rotterdam is adapting to climate…

Ecocapsule is a portable, off-grid two-person house that offers solar & wind power generation as well as a design that collects & stores rainwater. Inside there’s a bed, a kitchenette, toilet & shower. The capsule can be dragged, shipped, airlifted or towed into virtually any location you choose.
Concept Container building planned in Mumbai for slum dwellers
Hexagon homes are more logical, save space when interlocking to each other, and promote harmony with the natural world (squares dont often occur in nature hexagons do)
CannonDesign's Yazdani Studio has created a tiny student prefab housing unit that can also be used as a mobile guesthouse, office space, extra bedroom or temporary housing. The Sleeping Pod, which measures just 55 square feet (5 square meters), was designed for a student housing project at the University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios. Hit the jump to learn more about its many space-saving features delivered in unmistakable style.
One of Australasia’s largest container provider, Royal Wolf, has launched a new lifestyle product called Outdoor Room. It’s actually a traditional shipping container transformed into an extra living space, whether a home office or retreat, studio or guestroom.
`The ring house & atelier’ by marwan zgheib platinum A’ architecture, building and urban design award winner
Tree In the House is a conceptual design by A.Masow that takes tree hugging to new heights, enclosing one tree from a forest filled with them in a minimalist multi-story cylinder.
Incredible Lofts That Push Boundaries
Radical downsizing may be a daydream for most people — but the intrepid folk who live in itty-bitty homes have a thing or two to teach the rest of us about living the good life and making the most of what we’ve got. 
The apartment, even with its small size, wants to offer generous spaces and a big quantity of different pieces of use. The pieces that make it up, does not really have a fixed clearly defined use: the kitchen is a walk-through room to get the living. There are stands rather than stairs to go down the living, which is over a cellar-storage room. Then, it is possible to get the ladder to go up to the indoor sunny terrace, a place to be used as a study or a chill out. Also the central living room connects through four steps to the bathroom. This is an oversized kind of luxury room that holds even an in-situ cosy kind of hamman bath.
Desired Staircase
Custom bathroom designs | Urban Concrete Countertops made here in Edmonton!
Transform a dull garage floor into a brilliantly colored auto showroom in one long weekend with a durable, professional quality epoxy floor finish.
Phuket Kamala is a luxury X2 Residences and Resort set in the spectacular mountains above Kamala Bay Phuket
Plastered concrete shelves in the bathroom
This Texas home incorporates Japanese influences with cubes of different materials. There are three main boxes, two concrete forms and a lifted wooden cube. 
An outdoor bathroom can be a great addition to your backyard, whether you use after swimming in the pool, working in your garden
We like the idea of the staircase being painted white. Good to have storage under stairs or even study nook under stairs.
Three kilometres of saffron-coloured pathways temporarily connected the shore of Italy's Lake Iseo to islands at its centre in this installation by Bulgarian artist Christo. The Floating Piers stretched across the lake for 16 days of June, when visitors could walk from Sulzano on the lake's eastern edge to the island of Monte Isola and the encircled islet of San Paolo.
"The upper floor is now an open and spacious mezzanine, where glass partitions establish a visual connection with the ground floor,"
From a formal standpoint, the great Modern domestic architecture of the surroundings inspired many of the elements that compose the building. In some of the houses of La Floresta, architecture and nature intertwine. Walking through its streets, one discovers a hidden garden beneath a staircase, or a staircase floating effortlessly above a pond, or a spatial procession that leads to the front door of a house. There are layers upon layers to be unveiled at La Floresta. 
The Rock 3-4 Person Hot Tub. This one is cheaper 2,119.00
This shelf also holds a set of drawers at one end to provide more storage and keep bathroom products more organized.
Through use of natural materials he emphasizes on neutrality and adds enormous design value reverting to the pristine state of things- seen in his monochromatic and unusual furniture collection. The collection is all about harmony and removing the excess and reflects his ideology of simplicity as a designer.
Mountain inn
The low ceilings of attic bedrooms can really get in the way. It would be difficult to sleep in a space as compact as this without using such a low bed platform.
This rounded bedroom is so unique! It looks like it would take considerable athleticism to climb the ladder to the platform bed above – but it’s a cool space-saver for anyone that can navigate it!
A series of unique bedroom pendant lights offer soft illumination for before-bed relaxation, while inset lights in the ceiling would provide brighter light for task-oriented activities like getting ready for a night on the town.
Remember the Seychelles, where cobbled paths led to a tree-lined shower? Or that hotel in the Philippines, where the presenter showed a bath, lotus pool and sink area covered in lush forest? Create a cleansing haven of your own, with these fifty outdoor shower spaces for inspiration. Take a rainforest shower over polished wood decking, watering flower beds simultaneously. Sip a glass of wine in an armchair before washing, watching the fire roar and warm the area beside you. Look out through a window to the place where you soak, with an outdoor ensuite. Get inspired while you wash with these fifty opulent, outdoor shower spaces.
Surrounded by open-slat windows, stone walls and a bath filled with petals, this outdoor shower is the definition of retreat. Wash two sets of hands in its standing bowls, alongside a marble statue, frangipani-filled vase and rolled hand towels. Take a bath looking up at the forest, or a shower amongst plants embedded in stone.
Make the floor focal point with different tile styles. Mismatch of titles ...
Toilet in ocean environment 

Swimming Pool designed in Singapore

just amazed by the leather sofas in the interior designer Laureen Rossouw's apartment in Cape town... but not only... I loved the natural…
Designed by Andres Remy Architects, this modern above-ground outdoor pool in Devoto, Argentina is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen! When planning the placement of the swimming pool, the architects carefully studied the path of the sun.
Lagoon to Home
House In Montalcino

These days, life can mean a lot more that just having shelter, food and clothing. People have evolved a great deal over the past 50 years…

Kunstlab Orbino - Unit 1 - Cantilevered Cargo Shipping Container Architecture Design
Container house flexible bed
The log tiny house, a with 40ft vacation rental.
Linda casa Container
due to the site's relatively small size, the studio maximizes available space by cantilevering above a steep cliff at the edge of the plot.
It’s getting easier to fulfill your dreams of living in a shipping container above a garage
contemporary architecture small houses I just love this! #homes
We like this because it is the door to a shipping container and behind it could be any number of interesting things from anywhere.
CannonDesign's Yazdani Studio has created a tiny student prefab housing unit that can also be used as a mobile guesthouse, office space, extra bedroom or temporary housing.

think tank Modern Tiny House used as Office:
How To Build Your Own Shipping Container

It’s getting easier to fulfill your dreams of living in a shipping container above a garage
Shipping Container Swimming Pool
Rain water harvesting DIY way

Sliding door DIY at home

Green Bedroom wall

If you are pressed for space in your home, then you could as well turn your attic into a bedroom, rather than using it to store items ou don’t need anymore or leaving it idle. 
You'll love the Komar Hide Out Wall Mural at AllModern - With Great Deals on modern Décor products and Free Shipping on most stuff, even the big stuff.
Experimental rolling house.
Gazing Up Into a Leafy Covered Forest
The Docks, Saint-Ouen, 2015 - Atelier Du Pont
Although summer provides us great time to be outdoor relaxing and entertaining, the glaring sun in the day can be brutal, so we all need a way to get out of the sun so that we can still spend relaxing time outside. 
 We've all heard the old saying good things come in small packages, and with spring officially upon us we can't get enough of these miniature pocket gardens. Often no bigger than a couple of square feet and brimming with bright flowers and vegetation, these lush green spaces can show up in the most ...


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  2. I think a shipping container tower in Mumbai makes a lot more sense than in most cities. First, it's a community where a lot of people are from families who are, historically, poor, and are used to cramped spaces. You can get someone used to living in a shack to consider this a "step up" a lot better than someone raised in a two bedroom condo or other standard form of American housing.
    Also, it's a port city. Massive quantities of affordable containers are actually around, so this building COULD be made (with some structural modifications, either by streamlining it or by welding in some supports here and there) relatively least in theory, making it more affordable to a larger group of people.
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